Scratchbuild shield Zaku II

Zaku II RG Custom “Koi” WIP 2 : Scratchbuilt shield

To help the process of scratchbuilding the Zaku II RG “Koi” shield i’m testing a new method, drawing it in 3d using the Opensource modeler “Blender” (

The idea is to “prototype” the shield in full 3D, and then to “unwrap” the object and print the unwrapped image on a adhesive paper sheet.

To unwrap the object, i’ve used the “Export Paper Model From Blender” plugin (, that generates an SVG file with the object totally unwrapped.

The SVG file was then edited with Inkscape, to correct the size and printed on adhesive paper.

The paper was then applyed to a sheet of plasticard, cut out and glued togheter…

This is the result:

And here the complete process resumed:

If the piece to create is simple enough to be designed with Blender, the complete process is quite easy, and the result in, on my advice, really interesting!

What do you think about it? Let me know… :)

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