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A bash script to watermark all the images in a folder (ubuntu, imagemagick, svg)

Hello, this time something a bit “nerdy”, i need a script to watermark a batch of images, prior to upload them on Flickr, but all the scripts i’ve found, using ImageMagick, uses a fixed width image and watermark.

My idea is to automatically resize the watermark to about 50% the width of the image and the apply it.

This simple script just browse all the files in a folder, with a specific extension (ie *.jpeg, *.JPG, etc) and first read the width of the image, then resize the watermark to the correct size (50%) and then apply it, saving the new image with the same name but in a subfolder.

Please note, to work this scripts needs that you’ve installed ImageMagick and optionally Zenity and was tested with Ubuntu 11.04.

If you put this script in your home_folder/.gnome2/nautilus_scripts then you can access it just right-clicking inside the folder with your images and choosing the script in the “scripts” menu