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MS-06 Zaku II – Downloadable SVG vector drawing

Hello, if you’re interested in a SVG format vector drawing of the Zeon MS-06 Zaku II you can download it (of course for free) from this link:

ms-06-zaku-ii svg file

The drawing was made using the OpenSource editor Inkscape (, and it’s at a “draft” quality at this time. As soon as possible i’ll add more views and maybe new models.

Feel free to use it as you like and share it as you want. If you like it or use it as a base for other projects i’d like to know, so drop a line by email or a comment :)


A bash script to watermark all the images in a folder (ubuntu, imagemagick, svg)

Hello, this time something a bit “nerdy”, i need a script to watermark a batch of images, prior to upload them on Flickr, but all the scripts i’ve found, using ImageMagick, uses a fixed width image and watermark.

My idea is to automatically resize the watermark to about 50% the width of the image and the apply it.

This simple script just browse all the files in a folder, with a specific extension (ie *.jpeg, *.JPG, etc) and first read the width of the image, then resize the watermark to the correct size (50%) and then apply it, saving the new image with the same name but in a subfolder.

Please note, to work this scripts needs that you’ve installed ImageMagick and optionally Zenity and was tested with Ubuntu 11.04.

If you put this script in your home_folder/.gnome2/nautilus_scripts then you can access it just right-clicking inside the folder with your images and choosing the script in the “scripts” menu