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Meng Pickup WIP: Opening the doors.

Hello, back working on the Meng Pickup, this time starting to customize it.

First work i want to do is opening the doors, and i choose to transform the front door lambo style and the rear door sliding style. For the front door i’ve used as reference the images from like this

I’m not still 100% sure about the front door, but there’s still time to choose…

First i cut out the doors using the Trumpeter Scriber:

Then, using some Plasticard Styrene Sheets i’ve build the doors interiors and simulate the armour:

I’ve insert and masked the glasses:

Ready for a fast mockup of the possible setup:

Next time the work on the suspensions! :)



The new work: Meng PickUp in 1/35

Hello, time to start a new work, this time based on the brand new Meng PickUp with ZPU-1 in 1/35 scale.

Meng PickUp 1/35

The model is quite pretty out-of-the box, but i choose to apply some modify and transform it in something like the District9 pickup’s (more on this link: District9 pickup) or the modern all-terrain vehicles used by special forces around the world.

More to come soon…