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Home made electro etching.

I etched a pair of steel flask using the same technique used for the models kit (like here:  the salt water electro etching.

This time, instead to put the piece in a tank of water, i soaked a qtip with salt water and connect it to the negative and the flask to the positive.

Using a 12 v/20A DC power supply i etched a flask in less than 10 minutes, using a pair of qtip and changing them regularly.

The other main difference this time is that i’ve not used the toner transfer technique ( to fix the design but instead i cut a pair of vinyl masks using my (beloved) Graphtec Cameo Silhouette cutting plotter.

Now i want to try the vinyl mask also for etching some plates using the salt water tank.

A fast and easy way to obtain a cute custom object.

Electro etching flask.


The electro etch process complete, from the cut of the vinyl mask to the end. You can see the alligator clips linkedt to the flask and the qtip and the little jar with the salt water to dip the qtip.


Elettro etching Death's Fangs Flask


Another design with a font variation:

Electro etching flask.

Etching brass and copper sheets using the salt water method.

You can download from flickr ( a complete photo tutorial on how i’m trying to etch some metal parts for my models using the salt water method.

The first part is to transfer the design to etch using the toner transfer technique.

There are a lot of things to learn on how to let this thing work, and for me is still a work in progress.

Etching with salt water