MS Builders Parts HD - Spike & Vernier

Gunpla Builders Parts HD Review – MS Spike 01 & MS Vernier 01

Bandai released a bunch of option parts set for detailing gunpla kits called “Builders Parts HD“. I’ve just acquired two sets dedicated to Spikes and Thrusters, called “MS Spike 01” and “MS Vernier 01“.

They are high quality plastic parts, with a lot of different possibility of combining, and a thing i really appreciate, they came with many pieces for every kit (any spike and vernier kind come in 4 copies each).

The spikes are subdivided in two parts, a base and the spike itself. All the bases are detailed also on the inside and could be used also withous spikes. One of them have some grooves that can further detailed with mini bolts while the spikes comes in two different heights and a bolt.

The verniers also can be combines, with an inner and outer part and also if  very well detailed, there is still space for more work, if you need a “unique” look on your piece.

I think there’s no more to say and the more interesting thing is to watch at the pics :)

For those who have asked me, i bought mine from friends at Starshop Brescia (

Gunpla Builders Parts HD

Builders Parts HD: MS Spike 01

Builders Parts HD: MS Vernier 01

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