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A mia totale insaputa, ma con grandissimo piacere e stupore, oggi è uscito un articolo su ( che parla dei miei lavori.

L’autore è l’amico Stefano Tanci, che  ringrazio per l’incredibile sorpresa :)

Per chi vuole dargli un’occhiata l’indirizzo è:


How making models can help improve your poker skills

How making models can help improve your poker skills

You may not think it, but if you are good at making models, then there is a high chance you will actually be good at playing poker as well. Both disciplines require a level of skills that can be improved with practice, as well as those that occur naturally in my people’s minds. There are a few reasons for these similarities, here are a couple of the most prominent ones.

First of all, making models requires a lot of patience. Many designs are very intricate and fiddly to get right and therefore cannot be rushed. Similarly, when you are playing a game of poker either around a table or online on the Partypoker website, one of the most important qualities to have is patience. It is not a good idea to throw yourself into a game, betting every single hand as soon as you get the opportunity to. Instead, you should sit back and formulate a plan, as well as observing the other players and trying to work out what their own techniques are. More information about why you should remain patient [here:]

With both model-making and poker-playing, you need to be prepared to put in the time. For many people, making models is a labour of love, which they enjoy taking their time over. Putting everything together and getting it just right is something that takes a significant amount of effort, which is great if you enjoy it. The same goes for playing poker, as games can last for hours and hours, some even stretching on for days. So in order to be a good poker player, first it is quite clear that you need to enjoy what you do. Secondly, you need to have the stamina to play for a long time and to keep your head in the game.

The caote modeller top ten tracks list!

Build just one list, with the top ten tracks to listen to, when at the workbench, mine is:

10 – Machine Head: Descend the shades of Night

9 – Dimmu Borgir: Progenies of The Great Apocalypse

8 – Hocico: Bloodshed

7 – Cradle of Filth: Beauty slept in sodom

6 – Prodigy: Firestarter (Live) Official Video

5 – Dimmu Borgir – Gateways

4 – Mastodon: Blood & Thunder

3 – Sunn O))) & Boris: The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)

2 – Kyuss: El Rodeo

Top of the hits:

1 – Arcturus: The Throne of Tragedy

Erwin Olaf inspirational

Hello, with this entry i’ll start a new line of posts called “inspirational” where i highlight everything i find interesting and that inspire my work (more or less).

First of this serie is the photographer Erwin Olaf ( especially with his work on portraits (like Paradise Portraits). I’ve seen his work for the first time at MiArt some years ago and i was impressed.